CCTV Camera Installations

CCtv2Using digital technology, our CCTV systems are among the very best and most reliable camera systems available.

Digital CCTV surveillance and recording offers many advantages to the end user, including: continuous recording (with no need for video tapes); higher image quality; faster image search and retrieval; superior archiving capabilities; instant playback; simultaneous playback, record and archive capability; lower maintenance than VCRs and networking opportunities.

CCTV cameras come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit various locations. The key is to find the camera that offers the best blend of technology and benefits for your security needs. The nice thing about our broad portfolio is that we can match your CCTV cameras needs. Each lens is individually combinable for a wide range of demands. Remotely controllable and high resolution models for outdoor and indoor applications.

The addition of wireless CCTV technology means that today’s systems are less intrusive to install and therefore create minimal interruption to your business.

CCTV DVR Installation

cctvA DVR CCTV system provides a multitude of advanced functions  including video searches by event, time, date and camera. There is also much more control over quality and frame rate allowing disk space usage to be optimized and the DVR can also be set to overwrite the oldest security footage should the disk become full. The DVR security system can also be configured to allow remote access to security footage using a PC by connecting the DVR to a LAN network or the internet.
One of our major brands is Bosch. By utilising us as your source for video surveillance equipment, we will offer you professional grade equipment only.

Remote Monitoring

remoteview1We want you to enjoy optimum equipment performance and convenience, therefore you no longer need to be on site to monitor your surveillance equipment. Our system software can be downloaded and installed onto any PC or smart phone alowing you to view your Camera from anywhere in the world.

If you would like to learn more about the CCTV, DVR and Remote Monitoring  Systems we install, please Contact Us.

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